Internet Pajama Meeting, 13 Nov

The internet pajama team had a meeting on Tuesday, 13 November. Our main topic of discussion is to set the direction for the competition in Taiwan, setting time lines and also have an update of everyone's work so far.

For the competition, we decided to stick to using arm band as the prototype. This is because it is easier for a person wearing a tight arm band to feel the air pressure easily. Although this is not exactly our direction of the project, which we are aiming for a loose outfit since it is called a pajama, we are quite short of time to develop that. Hence, we will first use the armband as a prototype in the competition.

So, to keep things going, I will have to finish testing the circuit by this week, and send out the final PCB by next week. In the final PCB, I will use all surface mount components to reduce the size of the PCB board.

For the remaining weeks, I will work on tuning the performance of control loop to deliver best result.

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