Internet Pajama full team meeting - 2nd October

We had a full team meeting on Tuesday, which was 2 days ago.

During the meeting, each of us presented our part, mainly our aim to achieve in this project, a rough timeline, and possible skills that we require along the way. So here I am jotting down some important stuff in the meeting for my part to go on a right track…

First comes first, my aim in this semester is to finish output part of the prototype. This includes the whole PCB board of output, together with the PIC firmware. With all the help that I can get from James, Roshan and Thuong, I will try my best to make it happen!

Initially, Roshan told me to build the board on breadboard first for testing, but for now, we agreed in the meeting that I can proceed my part straight to PCB. For any functionality that I am not familiar with, I should test it out on breadboard first, but I need not wire up the whole output circuit on the breadboard. That should save a lot of time.

Also, James had mentioned about our theme for the project. It is called "Internet Pajama", so it should really look like a pajama. A pajama is something which signifies loose, comfortable and relax. Therefore, our heptic jacket should not be constructed like a diving suit or astronaunt outfit or anything-that-is-tight. I think it is a very important direction for us, especially Yong Soon, in designing the jacket itself.

Lastly, James had mentioned that this project involves a team, and not individuals. So, we should care about our teammates' progress too. After all, team dynamics is an important factor to make this project a success.

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