Week 1-3, 13-27 Aug

I start my final year project, the Internet Pajama, off with literature review. James and Roshan passed some documents for me to read through, and get a rough idea of what internet pajama is all about.

Basically, the implementation of Internet Pajama can be divided into several subsystems. Input subsystem uses a large numberof pressure sensors, and each sensor is programmed to sense different levels of strength pressed. The more levels we implement, the more accurate we can reproduce the hug at output side.

Output subsystem is mainly about controlling the air pumps, pushing air out and pulling air in to air packets to reproduce the hug. By filling air packets with air, the wearer can feel like being "squeezed" and this simulate the hug.

Temperature subsystem is a system where we use heaters to reproduce the warmth of hug. Our aim is to simulate the body wamrth of a hug at the output side.

Colour changing subsystem is a system which controls the colour of fabric using temperature. Light colour represent short distance while dark colour signifies long distance between the input and output.

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