Week 8, 10 March

This week I made a trip down to Eunos to Peterpaul's valve distributor and took a look at some of the valves. It seems like the valves are not suitable because of the high operating voltage.

After I did some test on the valves we have in lab, I found out that actually the flow rate is not the main problem. The main problem is actually the pressure difference. Most of the valves operate at full flow only at a pressure difference of 100-150psi, which is around 689400 pascal! (1 psi = 6894.75728 pascal) My air pouch pressure can only go up to 6 pascal for now, that is why the flow rate is not high enough.

So ultimately, I need to find a valve which operates at low voltage (preferably 5V), low pressure and high flow rate.

Some timeline for the next few weeks
Next week, I am going to send out the PCB for fabrication. In the mean time, I will work on the firmware and continue to search for suitable valves. The PCB should be done by one or not more than two weeks. After that, I can proceed with integrating the circuit together.

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