Week 3 & 4, 28 Jan - 4 Feb

In these two weeks, I worked on the design of 4 layer PCB board. Here, the main design constraint is the board size. To ensure that the circuit can be integrated into the wearable jacket easily, the circuit has to be designed as small as possible. Favorably, the circuit board can be within 5cm by 7cm.

Also, I have to modify the circuit to a more modular manner, meaning to have every part detachable from the main circuit board. This is to ensure flexibility while mounting the circuit onto the jacket in future development.

Some timeline for my project
I plan to finish the 4 layer board design latest by March. After that, the board can be sent for fabrication and it should be done by end of March. With that, I can finalize the circuit hardware and work on the firmware at full force.

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